Energy Performance Certificate

Property owners must ensure that when buildings are constructed, sold, or rented out, an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is shown to the prospective buyer or tenant, and handed over to the buyer or new tenant on the date of signing the promise of sale or rent agreement.

An EPC is required by the EU Directive, namely the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), and Maltese Law, specifically the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations (EPBR) of 2012 (LN376/2012).

The certificate informs potential buyers about the energy performance of a building unit and gives recommendations for cost-effective improvement to a better energy efficiency class. An EPC rates the property’s performance in terms of energy and is similar to the energy label on electrical appliances.

An EPC is carried out by an Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) assessor who is registered with the Building Regulation Office (BRO), the office responsible for implementing the EPBD in Malta.

The EPB assessor inspects the property and assesses the building and then calculates the energy use rating of the building and issues a registered EPC. A list of registered assessors is available on: The BRO charges a €75 registration fee for each certificate registration. There is no set fee for an EPC as it is up to the assessor to set the price.

An EPC is valid for 10 years from the date it’s issued. The same certificate holds if the property goes on the market during those 10 years, provided there are no major changes to the building which could affect its energy performance.

An EPC assesses the geometry, construction and finishing materials of the building. This includes;

  • Double/triple glazing
  • Ventilation and insulation
  • Shading elements
  • Lighting
  • Hot water systems
  • Air-conditioning
  • Renewable energy systems, such as PV panels

The assessor then proceeds to giving recommendations for an energy-efficient property. Recommendations are tailored to each building and officially given to the building owner on the certificate. The owner is not, however, obliged to implement any of the recommendations set out by the assessor.

An owner who fails to produce the EPC to the BRO when requested to do so may incur a fine ranging from €500 to €5,000.


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